12-09 2016
Music of spirit paves road to freedom
Dr. Francois Clemmons of Middlebury, Vt., talks about
the importance of music in the lives of American slaves
on the pathway to freedom and Clemmons’ own experience
in a divided nation during the late 1940s and ’50s.

12-06 2016
The Bull Goose Oligarch and the Visionary
A Texas elector discusses his dilemma in NYTimes, Chris Hedges at warns of the coming ‘mafia state,’ Ryu Spaeth in The Nation
face to face with Fearless Leader, Walter Kirn in Harper's magazine
shares a story about Oglala Lakota holy man Black Elk.

12-05 2016
US Army denies DAPL easement
Department of the Army denies easement to build Dakota Access
Pipeline under Lake Oahe reservoir serving Standing Rock Sioux
reservation in North Dakota

12-04 2016
Week in Trump: Phone pranks in the dark
Not only surreal tweets while you sleep, Fearless Leader
calls up US friends and foes to schmooze and get stroked.

12-01 2016
ND governor declares mandatory evacuation

US military veterans traveling to NO DAPL protest in support of
First Nations water and land protectors as December 5 set as deadline
to evacuate Oceti Sakowin campsite or risk arrest on trespassing charge.

11-28 2016
Nuke plant closure won’t end deadly hazard

Entergy’s Pilgrim nuke plant, built where Puritans celebrate
first Thanksgiving in 1621, rates among worst for safety,
efficiency; President Obama criticized for inaction while
First Nations people brutalized in North Dakota;
will Donald Trump's investments in Energy Transfer Partners
affect his decision-making on the pipeline?

11-24 2016
Protesters say Turkish bill legitimizes child rape

Turkish PM kills bill protesters say legitimizes child rape while
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan schools Americans on
democracy, scolding those who characterize US president-elect as
dictator. Erdoğan says Trump has a way to go before admission into
that exclusive clubhouse

11-22 2016
Police use water cannon in subfreezing temps

Tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannon used on Dakota Access
protectors in subfreezing temperatures, American neo-Nazis
celebrate Trump victory in nation’s capital
Narration and audio production by RH Alcott.

Left, Husein Abu Asab, 12, shows his wounded leg Nov. 10, 2016, to journalists, that he says was sustained during a Palestinian police offensive
in Balata refugee camp, in the West Bank. Right, Palestinians and Israeli activists run away from a sound bomb fired by Israeli soldiers
Nov. 17, 2016, during a demonstration against the construction of Jewish settlements in the Jordan Valley, West Bank.

11-20 2016
PLO chief: Israel settlements are all illegal

Swing to right in US means end to two-state solution.
Also, KKK’s all right with attorney general designate
Jeff Sessions until he finds out they're all potheads.

11-19 2016
USGS identifies monster Texas oil, gas deposit

New ‘America First’ energy policy could be last gasp for environment.

11-15 2016
UN warns of South Sudan spiral into genocide

Into third year of civil war, 300,000 South Sudanese dead,
400,000 refugees, 1 million homeless

Johanna Holy Elk Face shows marks written on her after she and other protectors were arrested Oct. 28 at the standoff in Cannon Ball, N.D.

The New York Times photos

11-10 2016
Extra: DAPL developer rejects
cooperation with Army Corps

Army Corps of Engineers says ETP should
stand down until permit negotiations are complete

11-10 2016
Norwegian bank rethinks DAPL loan
Norwegian bank DNB says it could reconsider loans
to Dakota Access Pipeline builder Dallas-based Energy
Transfer Partners if concerns raised by First Nations
tribespeople are not addressed the bank said late Sunday.

11-08 2016
Temblor shakes Oklahoma oil hub
5.0-magnitude earthquake rattles energy hub Cushing, Oklahoma,
Sunday evening and speculation rises cause is oil and gas production
wastewater disposal

11-06 2016

Explaining The Sacred
Rosalyn LaPier of the Blackfoot people explains what
First Nations leaders mean when talking about ‘sacred’ sites.

11-05 2016
Researchers say 1933 Long Beach earthquake
might have been induced by oil and gas production
Scientific American reports researchers start to believe some 20th-century
Southern California earthquakes, including the 1933 6.4-magnitude
Long Beach earthquake might have been caused by oil and gas
drilling rather than natural causes.

10-29 2016
Chernobyl opens to tourist industry
This year marks 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear
meltdown in Ukraine. Old folks return to their villages
to die at home and Ukraine allows tourism for the
adventurous to explore ghost city Pripyat.

10-26 2016
Vertebrate populations decrease;
militarized police clear north NoDAPL camp
Zoological Society of London says number of vertebrate
animals in the wild has declined by nearly 60 percent
since 1970, 55,000 gallons of gasoline spill into Susquehanna River
tributaries, militarized law enforcement clears NoDAPL north camp.

10-25 2016
French officials clear Calais refugee camp
Migrant camp ‘The Jungle’ in Calais, France, demolished by
police; retreating Islamic State fighters burn oil fields,
destroy Mosul government buildings; mass arrests
at site of Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

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