Narration and audio production by RH Alcott

05-29 2017
Entry Point: Memorial Day 2017

On Memorial Day, Proctor celebrates America’s freedoms while
Rutland observes solemn ceremony honoring fallen servicemembers.

04-17 2017
Stray cat blues

A stray cat in distress is brought to the city animal shelter in
Albuquerque, N.M., where that night it dies from what subsequent
necropsy shows to be plague, worrisome because the cat is found
in an affluent part of the city where plague has not been seen since the
late 1990s. The event draws attention to the city's alternative to
euthanizing thousands of stray and feral cats, a program of trap,
neuter and release, which critics claim is a far crueler fate.

04-14 2017
‘Radium Girls’ mark centennial

In 1917, U.S. Radium Corp., of Orange, New Jersey, began hiring
women to paint watch and clock faces with radium-laced luminous
paint. They were encouraged to use their lips and tongue to tip up
brushes, to save time and speed production. Then they began
to sicken and die from radiation-related diseases.

04-07 2017
Desperados of the Southwest, Part One

After the Civil War, Americans headed to the territories to
make new lives for themselves. Some of them for reasons known
only to themselves were dedicated to the outlaw life. This is a
story about two such men — John Kinney and Jesse Evans.

04-06 2017
US railway workers form one big union

Eugene Debs pulls workers in every craft and service along the rail lines into
the new American Railway Union in 1893. After one success on the Great Northern,
in 1894,Pullman workers strike over pay cuts in the wake of the Great Panic. The
result’s a disaster. 22nd and 24th US president Grover Cleveland not be confused
with his namesake, baseball’s great right hander, Grover Cleveland Alexander.
One is the president who serves two non-consecutive terms and the other
is played in the movies by the 40th president, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

04-02 2017
‘My country is the earth, and
I am a citizen of the world’

Eugene Victor Debs of Terre Haute, Indiana, ran for president as a
member of the Socialist Party of America. He ran five times. Debs
was the midwestern Bernie Sanders of his day. This is about the world
he lived in during America’s Gilded Age and into the 20th century.

04-01 2017
Copernicus expands Medieval consciousness

Nicolaus Copernicus, mathematician and astronomer, creates
a new model of the rotation of celestial bodies with the sun at
the center of a ‘solar system’ with Earth and the planets orbiting
around it, blowing the minds of just about everyone. Except
centuries before him, Greeks and Arabs had the same idea.

03-27 2017
Money Talks, and what else happens?

From 1829-37, war hero Andrew Jackson was populist president,
broke up federal banking, removed tens of thousands of Native
American tribespeople from ancestral lands in the Southeast
to Oklahoma, where 200 years later, they discovered oil on their
new homeland and built legal casinos to fleece the white fish
eager to throw away their money. Now, three out of four people
can't tell you whose picture is still on the $20 bill. Go figure!

03-22 2017
Deconstruction before spring

The Trumps between sheets with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
in Azerbaijan hotel deal. It’s totally illegal, but we're through
the looking glass now, down a rabbit hole we’re never coming
out of, so stop talking about ethics violations. Ethics-schmethics!
Let’s make a pile of dough while the dough-pile making is good!

03-17 2017
Hawai‘i, Maryland block Travel Ban 2

Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin in Honolulu briefs
media about a nationwide order by federal judge in his state
issued Wednesday evening the blocks President Trump’s ban
on travel from parts of the Muslim world.

03-11 2017
Sink or swim: The choice is yours

Congress finally gets to work on something they
believe in — crafting the most awful health care bill bill possible,
and it’s beginning to look as if they’re succeeding! Plus: EPA commissioner
Scott Pruitt — who's he working for? Could it be — Satan?
Meanwhile, as the Japanese government begins to allow Fukushima
Prefecture residents back into towns and cities evacuated
for six years, first order of business is getting a handle on control
of all those radioactive wild boars who have taken over
the downtowns and neighborhoods.

03-05 2017
Dollars to doughnuts

Admin tries to deflect criticism with attacks on Schumer, Obama.
Two skulls found in China suggest Neanderthals in search of hot pastries
find their way to the Far East and interbreed with people they find there.

03-03 2017
Admin wants another $54B for military

President tells Business Insider military budget increase will come
from ‘revved up’ economy. US military budget already more than
total of next seven countries combined.

02-26 2017
Assassination by prank

Siti Aishah, an Indonesian citizen, suspect in the assassination
of Kim Jong Nam, half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un,
thinks she is participating in a reality TV show prank when she
rubs VX nerve agent into Kim’s face. Austrian writer Stefan Zweig
remembers the slow rise of Nazi dictatorship in Germany. Administration
steps up detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants.

02-16 2017
The president’s men

‘Timothy Snyder, professor of history at Yale University, describes
the president as seeming not “to care about (American) institutions
and the laws except insofar as they appear as barriers
to the goal of permanent kleptocratic authoritarianism and
immediate personal gratification.’

02-12 2017
Back to business

Nearly 200 people across Georgia, North Carolina and South
Carolina were arrested this week during immigration raids,
according to a preliminary tally provided by ICE’s Atlanta field office.
The majority were convicted criminals, ICE officials said, targeted
as part of ‘routine’ and ‘established’ enforcement operation.

02-11 2017
Cold as ICE

Trump has plans for the 11 million undocumented people
here in the United States. The roundups, broader than ever,
have begun, and it’s not just ‘bad hombres’ being deported.

02-09 2017
Bathrobes: Does he or doesn’t he?
Senate Republicans pass a party-line rebuke Tuesday night of
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for a speech opposing attorney general
nominee Jeff Sessions, striking down her words for impugning
the Alabama senator’s character.

02-07 2017
Trump: ‘If something happens,’ courts to blame

Washington state AG Bob Ferguson and his Wisconsin counterpart
say their lawsuit challenging Trump exec order banning
immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations is appropriate.
Trump administration wants restraining order lifted.

02-07 2017
More robust misinformation

A federal appeals court denies early Sunday the Justice Department's
request for an immediate reinstatement of President Donald Trump's
ban on accepting certain travelers and all refugees.

02-04 2017
Dancing in the gaslight

Economic and security justifications for administration policies
are incidental, while racial antagonism and scapegoating runs
through the entirety of the agenda, for example, not a ‘Muslim
ban,’ but a ‘ban’ that overwhelmingly impacts ‘Muslims.’

02-02 2017
Doomed to repeat history

The day after Trump speaks with Putin on the phone, Russia resumes
shelling Ukraine, the first combat of any scale in more than a year.
More than 1,000 State Department personnel sign onto a dissent
channel letter criticizing Trump immigration and refugee ban, and the
president orders military incursion into Yemen with mixed results,
14 terrorists killed along with one SEAL Team 6 member, several civilians
including women and children. One of the children killed in the raid is
American citizen Nawar al-Awlaki, 8, in the photo illustration above.

02-01 2017
Trump fires acting attorney general

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama
appointee, is dismissed Monday evening after she
directs Justice Department attorneys not to defend
President Trump’s executive refugee and immigration ban.

01-29 2017
Fed judge blocks part
of immigration proclamation

Judge Ann M. Donnelly, of Federal District Court in Brooklyn, blocks
part of President Donald J. Trump’s executive proclamation on
immigration Saturday evening, ordering that refugees and others
trapped at airports across the United States should not be sent
back to their home countries.

01-28 2017
Tweet-fingered diplomacy
Focus on voter fraud provokes concern about disturbing focus on size:
size of crowds, size of hands. Meanwhile, Arizona Sen. John McCain
wants sanctions imposed against Russia after annexation of Crimea
codified into law. McCain warns Trump against cozying up to Russian
president Vladimir Putin, whom McCain says is “a murderer and a thug
who seeks to undermine American national security interests at every turn

01-27 2017
Opening salvo in global war on women, children
Executive order signed Monday to reinstate ‘global gag rule’ banning US money for health advocacy groups and providers worldwide that offer abortions or abortion advice. The move affects health services providers working to combat HIV and the Zika virus. Elsewhere, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moves the hands of its Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight and congressional Republicans take steps to remove Obama-era
regulations such as anti-bribery rules, environmental, gun control
and labor relations measures.

01-26 2017
Future: Boot in face forever
Bill McKibben says “It’s clear that we’re about to witness the steady
demolition, or attempted demolition, of the environmental protections that
have been put in place during the past five decades.” National Review correctly
identifies the goal of “the Left” to roadblock development of fossil fuel
infrastructure, while the new president pursues investigation of massive
voter fraud in the election he has just won and signs measures to begin
construction of his wall on US southern border, cease all refugee
processing from Syria indefinitely and ban visa issuance for all
nationals of seven Muslim-majority nations.

01-24 2017
Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

‘Alternative Facts’ in the Age of Trump
On first weekend of Trump administration, the president visits
CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, to complain about unfair
media coverage of his inauguration. Trump press secretary
Sean Spicer tells press corps “this was the largest audience to
ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around
the globe.” On NBC's “Meet the Press” Sunday morning, host
Chuck Todd disputes this assessment and administration counselor
Kellyanne Conway explains Spicer had deployed “alternative facts”
to describe the inauguration.

01-20 2017
Rich get richer, poor get children
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s not on the list. Sad!
But then neither is Mr. Trump. Sadder! Trump ridicules
polls showing he’s already suffering from low approval
numbers. “There’re rigged just like before,” he tweets.

01-15 2017
Dossier alleges Rosneft, Trump team meeting

Aside from all the kinky sex, unsubstantiated opposition dossier
suggests meeting between Trump transition team adviser
Carter Page and Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin to facilitate Russian
Arctic oil joint venture between Rosneft and Exxon-Mobil.

Photo shows Sechin, Russian President Vladimir Putin and
Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson meeting in 20

01-09 2017
Question: What is a ‘minority president’
American intelligence community in a declassified document says
Russian President Vladimir Putin “orders an influence campaign
in 2016 aimed at US presidential election,” with the specific goal of
harming Hillary Clinton’s “electability and potential presidency.”
Report states “Putin and the Russian Government developed
a clear preference for President-elect Trum

01-04 2017
Time runs out: Corporate crimes in Nigeria
In London, lawyers for more than 40,000 Nigerians demand action
from multinational Royal Dutch Shell to clean up contaminated land,
water, air after decades of oil production that, for tribal people, leads
to myriad health effects, terrorism and war.

01-03 2017
As Obama exits, Putin wins America

Russian media belittles President Barack Obama as a
seemingly magnanimous Vladimir Putin takes the high road
in the face of latest U.S. sanctions while America’s religious
right warms to oppressive Kremlin policies.

12-29 2016
Kerry: Only 2-state solution can achieve lasting peace
US Secretary of State John Kerry, in Washington news briefing says Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies undermine possibility of a
two-state solution and impede peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

12-27 2016
RT: Plot to kill ambassador hatched in US
Kremlin propaganda mill floats theory plot to kill Russian ambassador
to Turkey orchestrated by Islamic cult based in United States.

12-27 2016
UN anti-settlement resolution OK’d
Ex-Israeli PM says UN resolution calling for end to settlement
expansion ‘diplomatic fiasco,’ demands Netanyahu resign for failure
while Jordan & others in Mideast see an opening for two-state solution.

12-24 2016
Tunisian terror suspect killed in Milan
Italian interior minister confirms Milan police have killed Anis Amri,
Tunisian suspect wanted in December 19 terror attack on an outdoor
Christmas market in Berlin in which 12 people killed, 48 injured. Buffalo
School Board member Carl Paladino proves in published remarks
about the Obamas he is a disloyal American, a racist and has terrible taste.

12-23 2016
Trump wants expanded nuclear capability
Palm Beach tweet follows Putin announcement of ballistic missile
new generation. Prez-elect tells MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski ‘Let it
be another arms race.’ To him, that means jobs and huge profits.

12-22 2016
China factories close in smog alert
PRC government declares ‘smog holiday,’ closing factories,
schools, shutting down highways, canceling flights in effort to
curtail hazardous air pollution in scores of cities.

12-19 2016
NC gov.-elect stripped of powers
North Carolina Legislature fails Tuesday to repeal so-called Bathroom Bill as
majority Republicans strip powers from incoming governor, Democrat Gov.-elect
Roy Cooper.
Cooper narrowly defeated Republican Pat McCrory last month.
Voters blame McCrory’s gender inequality support for NC’s loss of millions
in tourist, convention, business and sports revenue. It’s complicated.

12-18 2016
Cleanup underway at site of ND oil spill
Wicked windchill, driven by 50-mph winds, complicate North Dakota
pipeline oil spill. Activists, veterans find travel out of Standing Rock
protest site impossible because of blizzard conditions.

12-16 2016
Champion of the scorned
Zheng Yufen moved from Xi’an to Beijing two years ago to shelter
women scorned by their husbands, to track down and punish
the other women who led those faithless husbands astray.

12-15 2016
US president-elect resists intelligence
CIA says Russian hackers intended to influence 2016 election,
Exxon-Mobil CEO chosen to be top American diplomat,
Clinton's popular lead tops 2,800,000 votes.

12-13 2016
How far will US fascists go?
The internment of more than 120,000 Japanese
Americans in concentration camps during WWII
is a national disgrace. Will our new leaders take
us down that path again?

12-10 2016
Was #pizzagate shooting staged?
President Obama orders a ‘full review’ of Russian hack job
during the general election, and what connection does
Trump’s national security adviser designate have with
#pizzagate? Just which part of the story is fictional?

12-09 2016
Music of spirit paves road to freedom
Dr. Francois Clemmons of Middlebury, Vt., talks about
the importance of music in the lives of American slaves
on the pathway to freedom and Clemmons’ own experience
in a divided nation during the late 1940s and ’50s.

12-06 2016
The Bull Goose Oligarch and the Visionary
A Texas elector discusses his dilemma in NYTimes, Chris Hedges at warns of the coming ‘mafia state,’ Ryu Spaeth in The Nation
face to face with Fearless Leader, Walter Kirn in Harper's magazine
shares a story about Oglala Lakota holy man Black Elk.

12-05 2016
US Army denies DAPL easement
Department of the Army denies easement to build Dakota Access
Pipeline under Lake Oahe reservoir serving Standing Rock Sioux
reservation in North Dakota

12-04 2016
Week in Trump: Phone pranks in the dark
Not only surreal tweets while you sleep, Fearless Leader
calls up US friends and foes to schmooze and get stroked.

12-01 2016
ND governor declares mandatory evacuation

US military veterans traveling to NO DAPL protest in support of
First Nations water and land protectors as December 5 set as deadline
to evacuate Oceti Sakowin campsite or risk arrest on trespassing charge.

11-28 2016
Nuke plant closure won’t end deadly hazard

Entergy’s Pilgrim nuke plant, built where Puritans celebrate
first Thanksgiving in 1621, rates among worst for safety,
efficiency; President Obama criticized for inaction while
First Nations people brutalized in North Dakota;
will Donald Trump's investments in Energy Transfer Partners
affect his decision-making on the pipeline?

11-24 2016
Protesters say Turkish bill legitimizes child rape

Turkish PM kills bill protesters say legitimizes child rape while
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan schools Americans on
democracy, scolding those who characterize US president-elect as
dictator. Erdoğan says Trump has a way to go before admission into
that exclusive clubhouse

11-22 2016
Police use water cannon in subfreezing temps

Tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannon used on Dakota Access
protectors in subfreezing temperatures, American neo-Nazis
celebrate Trump victory in nation’s capital
Narration and audio production by RH Alcott.

Left, Husein Abu Asab, 12, shows his wounded leg Nov. 10, 2016, to journalists, that he says was sustained during a Palestinian police offensive
in Balata refugee camp, in the West Bank. Right, Palestinians and Israeli activists run away from a sound bomb fired by Israeli soldiers
Nov. 17, 2016, during a demonstration against the construction of Jewish settlements in the Jordan Valley, West Bank.

11-20 2016
PLO chief: Israel settlements are all illegal

Swing to right in US means end to two-state solution.
Also, KKK’s all right with attorney general designate
Jeff Sessions until he finds out they're all potheads.

11-19 2016
USGS identifies monster Texas oil, gas deposit

New ‘America First’ energy policy could be last gasp for environment.

11-15 2016
UN warns of South Sudan spiral into genocide

Into third year of civil war, 300,000 South Sudanese dead,
400,000 refugees, 1 million homeless

Johanna Holy Elk Face shows marks written on her after she and other protectors were arrested Oct. 28 at the standoff in Cannon Ball, N.D.

The New York Times photos

11-10 2016
Extra: DAPL developer rejects
cooperation with Army Corps

Army Corps of Engineers says ETP should
stand down until permit negotiations are complete

11-10 2016
Norwegian bank rethinks DAPL loan
Norwegian bank DNB says it could reconsider loans
to Dakota Access Pipeline builder Dallas-based Energy
Transfer Partners if concerns raised by First Nations
tribespeople are not addressed the bank said late Sunday.

11-08 2016
Temblor shakes Oklahoma oil hub
5.0-magnitude earthquake rattles energy hub Cushing, Oklahoma,
Sunday evening and speculation rises cause is oil and gas production
wastewater disposal

11-06 2016

Explaining The Sacred
Rosalyn LaPier of the Blackfoot people explains what
First Nations leaders mean when talking about ‘sacred’ sites.

11-05 2016
Researchers say 1933 Long Beach earthquake
might have been induced by oil and gas production
Scientific American reports researchers start to believe some 20th-century
Southern California earthquakes, including the 1933 6.4-magnitude
Long Beach earthquake might have been caused by oil and gas
drilling rather than natural causes.

10-29 2016
Chernobyl opens to tourist industry
This year marks 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear
meltdown in Ukraine. Old folks return to their villages
to die at home and Ukraine allows tourism for the
adventurous to explore ghost city Pripyat.

10-26 2016
Vertebrate populations decrease;
militarized police clear north NoDAPL camp
Zoological Society of London says number of vertebrate
animals in the wild has declined by nearly 60 percent
since 1970, 55,000 gallons of gasoline spill into Susquehanna River
tributaries, militarized law enforcement clears NoDAPL north camp.

10-25 2016
French officials clear Calais refugee camp
Migrant camp ‘The Jungle’ in Calais, France, demolished by
police; retreating Islamic State fighters burn oil fields,
destroy Mosul government buildings; mass arrests
at site of Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

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